Free 20-Minute Training For Entrepreneurial Accountants

Client Acquisition 2.0: Going Beyond Referrals To Build Your Dream ACCOUNTING Firm

without feeling overwhelmed, bleeding profits on bad clients, or wasting time on ineffective methods.


What You Will Learn In This Hyper Condensed 20-minute FREE Training...


Why the ‘Old Way’ is failing to get you to your new growth goals.


How to achieve hyper-efficient growth using the Client Acquisition 2.0 Framework.


The only way to go from ‘Doer’ to ‘Director’ of your dream accounting firm. 


How to increase the number of High-Quality Referrals you receive.

Tyler S. Clark, Co-Founder of Dream Firms

Your Host

Your Host

Tyler S. Clark is the #1 most recommended growth coach for entrepreneurial accountants on LinkedIn, he and his team have one mission: To create generational wealth and impact for entrepreneurial accountants by systemizing how they attract, win, and retain the business of their dream clients.

Not only has he coached hundreds of entrepreneurial accountants creating tens of millions of dollars in new revenues billed and collected for his clients...

He also successfully built his own accounting firm, adding six figures of new growth to it two years in a row (from complete start-up) before selling it.

Known as 'The Dream Firms Architect' by his clients, he's developed a proven system that's simple to follow and leads his clients to financial freedom in ten years or less through the systematic growth of their accounting firms by attracting and winning the business of their dream clients.

Are you ready to start making your dream accounting / bookkeeping / tax firm a reality? Then let us begin!


Scrolled to the bottom looking for a catch?

There isn’t one, but there is a free bonus valued at $197 that we give 100% for free via email to anyone who registers that helps them with pricing their accounting services at a premium level. Hope you caught that ;)  

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